Importance of a Social Responsibility Strategy in your vegan business.

What is Social Responsibility and Sustainability?

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Social Responsibility and Sustainability is the accountability of an organization regards the impacts that its decisions and activities cause in society, economy and the environment, through an ethical and transparent behavior that:

  • Contribute to sustainable development, including the health and well-being of society;
  • Take into consideration the expectations of your stakeholders;
  • Comply with applicable legislation and be consistent with international standards of behavior;
  • It is integrated throughout the organization and is implemented in its relations.

When social responsibility is addressed and exercised, the primary objective for an organization is to maximize its contribution to sustainable development.
  • Accountability;
  • Transparency;
  • Ethical behavior;
  • Respect for stakeholder interests;
  • Respect for the principle of legality;
  • Respect for international standards of behavior;
  • Respect for human rights.


1. Acknowledge Social Responsibility:

  • Impacts, interests and expectations towards your company's stakeholders;
  • Recognize the fundamental subjects and pertinent issues of social responsibility;
  • Social responsibility and the sphere of influence of the organization.

2. Identification and involvement with stakeholders.

  • Identification of interested parties;
  • Consult through focus groups or surveys;
  • Define the materiality of your company and engage with stakeholders.

3. Develop your Corporate Sustainability Strategy and deploy:



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