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The 4-headed ECOTOOLS VEGAN BRUSHES DUO for shading, defining and blurring.

SHADOW: Apply the shadow all over the eyelid with the soft and sharp vegan bristles.

DEFINE: use vegan eyeliner angled from end to end and enhance eye shape

BLEND: Blurs the shadow to eliminate streaks and heavy lines

SMUDGE: smudge shadow and liner along the lash line


Are you interested in maximizing the life of your vegan brushes? This is how we clean our vegan brushes:

1. If it is a vegan brush that you use daily, we recommend washing it weekly with our EcoTools® Brush Shampoo and warm water.
2. Foam vegan bristles with our EcoTools® Brush Shampoo and rinse with water until water runs clear.
3. Try not to completely submerge the base of the vegan bristles in water or your cruelty-free bristles may come off the shape.
4. After rinsing, smooth the vegan brush head back to its original shape and let it dry flat.
5. Let it dry overnight and wake up to a revamped vegan brush for your morning makeup routine!
6. For easy daily cleaning, try our EcoTools® Cleaning Cloths.

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