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These slim wallets are simple, designed by artists and guaranteed to last thanks to Tvyek's waterproof, shatter-proof and 100% recyclable.

Its slim expandable material holds 12 to 16 credit cards comfortably and loads of cash, making it the perfect minimalist purse to keep your life organized and pockets light.

Each of our wallets is designed by artists. They are unisex, so if it's slim wallets for men or women, look no further

Try our Slim Wallet today and see how much lighter your pockets can be when you use a slim wallet.

Details :

  • Ideal for use with 12 cards plus bills.
  • Made of proprietary Tyvek brand paper.
  • Designed by creative artists.
  • Measurements (wallet closed) - 3.9 inches (9.906 cm) x 3.25 inches (8.255 cm)
  • Innovative product design, inspired by the art of seamless origami.

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