<transcy>Affiliate program</transcy>


Our business affiliate program aims to: Attract unique and talented people; who wish to use their influence on social networks to share ethical alternatives with their followers through our VEGAN products and accessories .

Whatever your art form and preferred social network (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc ...), your help to spread our ethical alternatives will be rewarded; - )

How does work?

Our AFFILIATE PROGRAM is completely free and offers you a 5% commission every time a Customer makes a purchase using your referral code (Deducting discounts, shipping costs and taxes).

Our system uses referral codes with discount percentages. This is the way in which the referral must make the purchase referred has to make the purchase. At the end of the month, you must send us a stamped invoice and payment will be made 7 days after the receipt of your invoice by bank transfer or Paypal.

How do I know if I qualify?

EVERY VEGAN voice can be our affiliate!

If you consider that you have influence on social networks and are interested in animal liberation: Send your request by filling out a short form to join the program and if approved, you will be able to create your first affiliate link today same!

How do I submit my request?

You must provide us with the links of your social networks, answer some brief questions and within the next 48 business hours; If you are eligible, we will send you your referral code.

If you have influence on social networks, you reproach animal abuse but still consume or use products of animal origin: We invite you to register and one of our Ambassadors will contact you so you can learn more about what it means to be vegan and fight for animal welfare without differentiation of species.

If you are vegan and consider that you have influence on social networks, complete this form, so we can check if you are eligible.