Why Cork?


In a world that desperately needs eco-friendly alternatives, cork stands out from the crowd as the #1 sustainable raw material.

And, if this is not reason enough for you to start using cork products, we can show you other advantages that may be new for you...

Cork is naturally water repellant 

Despite its "spongy" appearance, cork is water repellant. The 40 million cells contained in each cubic centimeter of cork might make you think that cork is absorbent like a sponge, however these cells contain suberin, a naturally occurring fatty substance that makes cork waterproof. This means that it is also resistant to mold as there is no water retention within its cells.

This is just one of the reasons why cork is good as a wine bottle stopper and also as a flooring surface.


Does it last?

Being elastic, compressible, robust, slow burning and impermeable to water and gas; Naturally this means that cork is a strong and durable material.

Cork is 100% recyclable. It is possible to grind every piece of cork, no matter how small, how big.

After harvesting, cork can be used in countless ways, the most common being as a raw material for products.


What are the main advantages of using cork as a raw material to manufacture fashion items?

This product is 100% natural and ecological, since there are no other products apart from cork and even the agglomeration is based on natural cork resins.

In recent years, architects, designers, decorators and stylists have regained interest in natural materials, especially cork, which is increasingly sought after as an ecological alternative with enormous potential.

Several Portuguese designers and architects are producing original designs using this distinctly Portuguese material. In the context of fashion design for sustainability and eco-design, some good examples of what is being done can be found. Ana Mestre with her pouf-fup; Rui Pedro Freire with the Memória desTerra; The British design studio Dois Trinta with its duo made up of the Évora chair and the Suave coffee table.

In the world of fashion, cork has always been used, but it is only now starting to catch on.

Today, cork is being used by several renowned stylists, but also, especially in Portugal and Spain, by smaller companies that are starting to use cork in everyday objects as an alternative to animal leather.

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