Do you struggle to find trustful vegan beauty care products?

At🌱 we live & breathe in harmony with nature & animals 🐰

Get to know more about our #veganbeautycare products 100% made in Costa Rica. A land full of life and crystalline products that will fertilize your skin with living nutrients and ancestral wisdom.

Fruits and herbs are our ingredients, not a formula. Therefore, no need to say "without" so many times to give us peace of mind. We believe that animals have the right to be free and loved: We believe in #beatywithoutcruelty, 100% #plantmade, therefore #veganbeauty.

vegan beauty creams

Did you know that chlorophyll is full of antioxidants and desintoxicate? Our chlorophyll creams (for eye bags, day/night & hydrate masks) will help your skin look brighter and firm.


Have you met the pejibaye palm fruit?

vegan beauty creams

The pejibaye is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for the skin. Shown as well to prevent premature aging, preferred by all genders and not greasy, so perfect for all ages.

Marine plants also play an important role in our wide variety of beauty agents. Based on marine plants and algae: Deeply hydrates, making the most of the wealth of phytoplankton, concentrated and stabilized to provide the skin with a high restorative dose of nutrition. Emollient qualities, stimulate radiant and renewed skin through the night.

Meet our regenerative phytoplankton night mask:


vegan beauty creams
And so much more for you to discover:


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